Pregnant Massage

Reduces stress and tension in the body. Our massage therapists use gentle and safe techniques to ensure comfort and well-being. Enjoy a moment of tranquility and relaxation.

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Pregnant Relaxation Back Massage + Cranial Massage (neck + head).

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Pregnant Relaxation Back Massage + Cranial (neck + head) and Tired Legs Massage.

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Relaxation/Decontracting Back Mix Massage with Drainage Tired Legs + Facial Spa and Hand-Foot Spa 50 mins. *Facial Spa Includes Exfoliation, Ultrasonic Peeling, Aloe Vera Mask with Chamomilla, and Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen Mask. *Hand and Foot Spa Includes Exfoliation, Moisturizing, and Regenerating Hand-Foot Mask and Massage.

*Available on Gift card*

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Massage FAQs

The main difference lies in the pressures of both. The relaxing massage is a more superficial massage that usually uses soft and slow techniques, such as rubbing, kneading, and percussion. In contrast, in the decontracting (relieving) massage, more profound and vigorous techniques are applied, such as stretching and deep pressure, with more therapeutic purposes, such as relieving muscle contracture or tension associated with stress and vicious postures.

At any time, since every day we are exposed to situations that generate tension and stress, situations that sooner or later can have an impact on our body, especially on the muscles that become tense, which is why it is advisable to dedicate time for prevention, self-care, once or twice a month and as a treatment for a particular ailment. Logrando una piel oxigenada, libre de impurezas, radiante, tersa, fresca e hidratada.

You do not need special preparation or clothing to attend your massage appointment at Shadhar Spa. You must consider that during the massage, you will be in your underwear.

Yes, it is usually expected after a decontracting massage to feel discomfort due to the deep manual techniques used. It is recommended as a suggestion to apply hot showers or heat pads to the areas of discomfort after your massage for relief. Another important consideration is that a single decontracting massage is usually insufficient to relieve all muscle tension or contractures, so your therapist may recommend doing another session a few days later.

A decontracting massage is used to relax the muscles and dissolve or relieve muscle contractures due to stress, poor posture, lack of rest, or a sedentary or overactive life.

The main contraindications are in the case of Thrombosis or Phlebitis (varicose veins) because blood clots can cause complications.
The patient’s skin must be healthy. Severe wounds or areas of surgical intervention should not be manipulated directly. It is also contraindicated in acute contagious diseases, skin rashes or infections, fever, or a recent heart attack. People with cancer undergoing radiation and or chemotherapy should not receive massage without first consulting their doctor since massage speeds up metabolism. Therapeutic massage does not replace medical supervision or treatment.

All our therapists in Shadhar are graduates of Massage Therapy in Chile.

The effects of massage depend on the intention or objective of the massage. Still, in general, they generate effects on the skin, improving elasticity, improving the nutrition of dermal cells, promoting peeling (removal of dead cells), increasing local temperature, and improving the quality and appearance of the leather.
On the circulatory system, it produces vasodilation, improvement of venous return, reabsorption of fluids, and emptying of venous and lymphatic vessels. . In the muscles, it improves nutrition, reduces fatigue, improves elasticity, and delays atrophy.
On the nervous system it promotes the release of endorphins, which help us to be happier and more relaxed, and on a psychological level, it promotes relaxation and immediate mental well-being.

Massages are indicated for all types of people as a method of self-care and injury prevention. They are also recommended for conditions such as contractures, muscle conditions, and alterations of the digestive system, such as constipation and colic. They are also indicated for physical or mental exhaustion due to the release of endorphins and activation of metabolism.

At Shadhar Spa, we care about your health, which is why when you book your appointment, we consult you about ailments or health problems to inform the therapist to delve deeper into a particular stress area of the patient or as a means of security, in the case of the patient is unaware that they have any contraindication to performing the service.

Si existen consideraciones como que puede pesentar enrojecimientos y aparecer brotes comedogénicos nuevos a casusa de la presión manual en la extracción del comedón o espinilla. En general recomendamos no maquillar posterior a la sesión para evitar la contaminación del poro. No recomendamos realizar una limpieza facial profunda cercano a un evento importante.

Término y condiciones

A. Condiciones generales

Para Agendar:
Una vez que realice la compra, favor contactarse a nuestro WhatsApp Clientes +56968994627 o al mail, indicando su número de pedido y le indicaremos disponibilidad.

De lunes a domingo desde 10:00 hasta 20:00 hrs.

Sugerimos agendar con anticipación, para chequear nuestra disponibilidad.

Cambios de horas:
Una vez que se encuentra confirmada su hora y no asiste, el servicio se entenderá como entregado. Cualquier cambio debe ser avisado con mínimo 24 horas de anticipación.

Se puede solicitar el reembolso hasta 10 días después de haber realizado la compra. Después de 10 días, sólo se puede realizar cambio por otro servicio.

Validez de la compra:
6 meses desde la fecha de la compra

Terms and conditions

A. General conditions

To make an appointment:
Once you purchase, please contact us through our WhatsApp Customers at +56968994627 or email, indicating your order number, and we will communicate our availability.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

We suggest scheduling in advance to check our availability.

Rescheduling an appointment::
Once your time is confirmed and you do not attend, the service will be deemed delivered. Any change must be notified at least 24 hours in advance.

A refund can be requested up to 10 days after making the purchase. After ten days, you can only exchange for another service.

Purchase validity:
Six months from the date of purchase