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Gift Card Shadhar Advance


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You can personalize your gift card, and the recipient can choose any of these options:

Option 1: Spa Disconnection for one person. Includes: Full Body Relaxation/Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones for 50 minutes + Deep Collagen Facial Cleansing for 50 minutes. Total duration: 100 minutes.

Option 2: Facial cleansing Facial Rejuvenation for one person. Includes: Exfoliation + Ultrasonic Peeling + Facial Radiofrequency to activate Collagen + Chamomilla Regenerative Mask + Hyaluronic Acid Mask. Total duration: 70 minutes.

Option 3: Shadhar Massage for Two People. Includes: Mix Relaxation/Deep Tissue Back Massage + Hand and Foot Massage + Cranial Massage + Hot Stones. Total duration: 50 minutes.

Option 4: Spa Day Relaxation for one person. Includes: Full Body Relaxation/Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stones + Hands and Feet Massage + Tired Legs Massage + Cranial Massage + Facial Massage. Total duration: 100 minutes.

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