Come accompanied to your Facial Cleansing

Come accompanied to your Facial Cleansing


50 min


Deep Cleansing is essential for completely renewing dead cells, blackheads, and accumulated impurities over time. Collagen helps with skin hydration and reduces expression lines. Promotion of 2 Facial Cleansing Peeling for you and another person for $60.000.

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Mesotherapy is a non-injectable procedure that introduces active ingredients (collagen and hyaluronic acid, among others) into the deep layers of the skin. Promotion of Mesotherapy + Microdermabrasion for $50.000 (actual value $70.000).

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100 min

Microdermabrasion is a deep peel that reduces marks and blemishes and smoothes the skin. If you also want to include a Deep Facial Cleansing to extract blackheads, check the following: Promotion of Microdermabrasion + Deep Facial Cleansing for $50.000 (actual value $60.000).

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100 min

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